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Horse Riding Lessons in Stornoway

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Choose Ranch Winslow equestrian center in Stornoway for safe horse riding lessons in a relaxed atmosphere.

Western horse riding lessons for children, teenagers, and adults

Our equestrian center is the ideal place for Western horse riding lessons based on the Cheval Quebec and Canada Equestrian learning program.

Our well-trained horses and quality instructors ensure an optimal learning experience. You'll develop riding skills and learn to communicate with these majestic animals.

Available in private or semi-private lesson series, in spring or fall sessions according to your needs.

Enroll in our Western horse riding lessons now.

We also offer various programs for children aged 8 to 16 at all skill levels. Our riding camp offers lessons every day of the week.

Choose from several horse riding courses at our equestrian center in Stornoway.
Horse Riding Lessons Stornoway
Our Services
  • Horseback Riding
  • Horse Riding Initiation
  • Riding Lessons
  • Riding Camp
  • Animal Observation
Our Strengths
  • Varied Programs
  • Nearly 25 years of experience
  • AEQ accredited riding centre
  • Family-friendly and Warm Atmosphere
  • Excellent Care for Horses
Where to Find Us

Our equestrian center is located in a beautiful site in Stornoway.

Equestrian and Riding Improvement Courses in Stornoway

In a warm and family-friendly environment, we offer horse riding lessons to both novice and experienced riders.

With the quality of our facilities, we offer various lesson formats. Besides initiation for young ones, we also introduce horse riding to children aged 4 to 9.

For older riders and adults, we also organize forest rides ranging from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

It's an excellent opportunity to participate in animal and wild vegetation observation sessions in Stornoway and its surroundings.

Enjoy an enchanting setting and comprehensive facilities during your horse riding lessons.
Horse Riding Initiation Stornoway