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Animals Observation in Stornoway

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Head to Ranch Winslow Equestrian Center in Stornoway to take part in a wildlife observation horseback ride.


Encounter wild animals on horseback

Our equestrian center invites you to a horseback ride to discover wild animals in their natural habitat in the Frontenac National Park.

Every day, from May to October, we welcome you for horseback rides from 9 am to 5 pm. We offer various horseback riding options for riders over 10 years old.

Apart from animal observation, we also arrange other exciting equestrian activities to delight horse enthusiasts visiting our riding camp.

Participate in a horseback ride combined with a wildlife observation session in Stornoway.
Observation d'animaux Stornoway
Our Services
  • Horseback Riding
  • Horse Riding Initiation
  • Riding Lessons
  • Riding Camp
  • Animal Observation
Our Strengths
  • Varied Programs
  • Nearly 25 years of experience
  • AEQ accredited riding centre
  • Family-friendly and Warm Atmosphere
  • Excellent Care for Horses
Where to Find Us

Our equestrian center is located in a beautiful site in Stornoway.

Horseback Riding Introduction and Animal Observation in Stornoway

Located in an exceptional site on the edge of the forest in Stornoway, our equestrian center welcomes individuals of all ages for horse riding initiation sessions.

For younger children, we offer a horse ride with a guide on foot. Besides equestrian outings combining riding and animal observation, we organize other activities.

You can also visit our equestrian center for Western riding lessons in spring or fall sessions. We offer private or semi-private learning options.

Introduce your children to horse riding while introducing them to wild animals.
Rencontre avec les animaux Stornoway