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Equestrian center in Stornoway

A unique placeto immerse yourself in the world of horses

Our equestrian center welcomes you warmly in a family atmosphere. Experience the passion for horses at any age through our equestrian initiation program in Stornoway.

The World of horses - Ranch Winslow, Stornoway

Equestrian center in Stornoway

Located in Stornoway, Ranch Winslow is an equestrian center offering a wide range of services to riding enthusiasts: from beginners to advanced riders.


  • Open from May to October, 7/7 by reservation
  • Equestrian activities cater to both beginners and advanced riders.
  • We have different horses so that each client has a horse suitable for their physical condition.
  • Children can go into the forest from 4 years old with a guide on foot.
  • Only pregnant women cannot ride horses.
  • Maximum weight: 250lbs
  • We require one rider per mount.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for children 18 years old and younger. You can bring your own (bicycle helmets are accepted). Also available on-site.

Horseback Riding Stornoway

Discovering Horseback Riding: Our Equestrian Center

Explore the magic of horseback riding at our equestrian center. Welcome to our facility dedicated to the art of riding and, more specifically, to the exciting adventure of horseback riding. Our establishment has all the facilities necessary to immerse you in this fascinating world.

Our noble guides are ready to take you on rides, whether you're a novice rider eager to experience new sensations or an experienced rider looking to reconnect with nature on horseback. We offer a variety of horseback riding trails to satisfy all skill levels.

At our equestrian center, safety is our priority. We are proud to be accredited members of the Adventure Ecotourism Quebec's quality-safety program.

We also have the privilege of having trails leading directly to the Frontenac National Park from the ranch.

Come join our community of horseback riding enthusiasts in Stornoway and discover the joy of exploring on horseback in an exceptional setting.

Riding lessons Stornoway

Our strengths

Varied programs

Our center has been operating for nearly 25 years, offering a wide range of activities to horse enthusiasts.

 Logo Quality Security
Accredited equestrian center

We take our customers' well-being seriously, leading us to obtain the Safety-Quality certification.

Family-friendly and Warm Atmosphere

We build a trusting relationship with all riders visiting our equestrian center.

Excellent Care for Horses

Our horses are part of our family. We ensure they receive all the necessary care for their daily well-being.

Riding Camp Stornoway

Equestrian Center in a Peaceful Environment in Stornoway

To experience a unique equestrian adventure, visit our equestrian center located in Stornoway. Discover our initiation programs dedicated to young riders at the heart of our riding camp.

We take great care in carefully selecting our horses, ensuring that the right mount is available to suit your physical condition during an equestrian ride or another activity.

To ensure the safety of all our riders, our mounts are reserved for riders weighing less than 250 lbs, ensuring an optimal equestrian experience for everyone.

Additionally, our guides accompany you in discovering the forest and its wonders while enjoying an animal observation session, creating an enriching experience for all participants.

We offer a wide range of equestrian activities in a well-equipped center.

Riding Camp Stornoway

Trail Riding: Open from May to October, 7/7 by reservation

Summer Camp 2023: Registration ongoing.

Summer Camp 2024: Registration begins in early January

For camp information, click here.

Riding Lessons - Offered in spring or fall sessions

We take our customers' well-being seriously. That's why we adhere to the highest Quality and Safety standards established in the industry.

Horseback Riding Stornoway